It is legitimacy, isn't it? 



It is legitimacy, isn't it? ( 2013) 

Dedicated to all the top managers,working in state-owned companies...

Performance reflects a very relevant topic today in Estonia and my critical reaction to what is happening in state firms, but rather pay guiding in these firms where some CEOs get payed more than the country's president and prime minister. If we take into account the state firms, most of them are on the verge of bankruptcy and keep afloat for the sole reason that the state is constantly pouring their money into them. In our economic situation, I think this is not acceptable waste of taxpayers' money. In this performance I used images that hint at big appetites of those CEOs, and just showed their salaries. I am like the collective image of the CEOs, who is ministered by our state in the face of lackeys Toomas and Hendrik (reference to a president of Estonia Toomas Hendrik Ilves ) whom in turn I ask to get me a food ( sprats in oil - food of the common people ) and to get me a drink ( beer - drink of the common people )

Direction/ perfromer - Evi Pärn
Direction assistant / Perforer as Toomas - Aleksandr Hobotov
Performer as Hendrik - Mart Vainre
FIlmed - Eerik Kändler
Music - Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries

Photos Silvia Pärmann ©

Perfromance "Games of life's surrounding"




"Games of life's surrounding" 2012

Video here is a part  of the performance that was show at Made in Estonia Maraton 2012.

The reason that author chose this topic lies in the fact that she is trying to make sense of
things where she is one link. Being from the mixed family, where father is Estonian and mother practically with indeterminate nationality ( or Third Culture Kid ), she would like to to get rid of her pain through this work. Here she can see the right, however, to deal with the matter - a personal touch which attempted to reach a balance within herself. Showing errors in people communication by literally displaying they tongues that play with the brooch, that is a obvious  game of words, image and cultural symbols 

In the performance it self she was pierced her body with Estonian national  silver brooch,  trying to bring  worries and pain of our multinational and multicultural community  in Estonia to a public. That communities have troubles with trust to each other, and problems in communication. The goal to understand problems of youth integration in contemporary Estonia is quite tricky. Author came to conclusion that there is too much labeling of superficial society. Still, it seems to the author that the situation amongst young people is improving. They do not have such a strong historical memory of past events and the prejudices of its decline. Author felt that it is necessary to add some personal and emotional dimension to the problem of integration and research.

Cameraman: Kristina Õllek , Editing: Evi Pärn.
that video was a part of the performance at Made in Estonia Maraton 2012.


Video documentation of performance itself  here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


"Games of life's surrounding" 2013. 


Video here is a staged and filmed for better documentation reason. Performance that was show at Made in Estonia Maraton 2012, now became separate independent work of art that has all same meaning what was written on up page here.... 

Pasword to watch the video is > can2

Photo Annika Haas ©


​“Conductor is skulptuurkapital” ( 2012)

duration 10’

Performance was shown at “Made in Estonia Maraton 2012” festival at Kanuti Gildi Saal
17th of March 2012 in Tallinn. 

The performance deals with the idea of a person as layers of texts and therefore the mechanics of copying and interpreting information becomes essentially important. 

Information that covers object with it layers, creating noise. 

This performance was done in collaboration with Taavi Suisalu and Lilli Tölp.

Photo Annika Haas ©

Far(R)ce ( 2012)


Fa(r)ce is a mixed media performance that contains visual part, sound and improvisation.
Using real time video projection of improvising face as notation or better to say as conductor for musicians. It is a experemental way of producing quite spontaneous music with the help of face expressions.It is pure improvisation with some important rules.


Performed by : Evi Pärn - Face, Lilli Tölp - Zither, Ann Kuut - violin, Eerik Kändler - Guitar, DIY Synthesizer.

Fa(r)ce is a performance that is result of 'Graphic Hard Scores' workshop by Felix Kubin held in Sint-Lucas Beeldende Kunst - Gent in experimental atelier. Aim of the workshop was to invent new way of notating music. 

Original idea by : Evi Pärn, Arjen Verswijvelt, Machteld Rullens, Thaïs Dupont.


DAMA 8 workshop final presentation 

at Rovaniemi Design Week in 2012. 

I made this docuemntation of the final outcome of DAMA 8 workshop.

My input in this work are lighting leds in ice balls, programmed with the Arduiono to flash in a certain way. See photo below 

Credits :

Riga Teacher Training and Educational Management Academy : Ieva Liepa, Stella Upaciere.
University of Tartu VIljandi Culture Academy: Mari Lääne.
Estonian Academy of Arts: Henri Hütt, Lilli Tölp, Liisalotte Elme, Evi Pärn, Taavi Suisalu.
University of Lapland: Juraj Kyppö, Beth Kate Walsh, Roxy Russel, Terhi Silenius, Virta Niina.
Iceland Academy of the Arts: Myrra Leifsdóttir, Guðrún Heiður Ísaksdóttir.
Professors : Hans-Gunter Lock, Raivo Kelomees,
Tomi Knuutila
more about DAMA :